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Now that you are ready to start your new home construction or driveway installation. There are a few things that need done. First, you need to hire an excavation company that has the right tools, and can handle all the prep work for your land.

CC Construction, is a trusted excavation contractor serving clients in South East Idaho. You can trust us to Prep. the area with offered laser grading, Excavate basements, septic systems, water lines, demolition, and more. All done with industry leading laser technology. Once we have the prep work done you can start your foundation, enjoy your new glass smooth driveway, or simply be happy that old structure you needed removed is no longer there.

Call 208-680-7193 to get more information, and arrange a free quote on your project. Let us work for you, and prove we have your best interest in mind!

Service South East Idaho
  • Grading Service

    CC Construction builds driveways, roads, rv pads, shop pad, cement prep., and about anything else you can think of using gravel. Give us a call or text, and we can talk about your project! 208-680-7193

  • Excavation

    Offering all different kinds of excavation. Our equipment is top of the line using the newest laser guidence to insure your basement, or other excavation projects are spot on! Contact us now for a Free Quote! 208-680-7193

  • Fast, and Mobile

    CC Construction has invested in making our transportation fast, and on time. This keeps delivery cost down for you, and also quicker turn around times on your project! Get on our schedual today! 208-680-7193

  • Complex, and Basic Septic Systems

    CC Construction is licensed, and bonded for all septic systems. Our systems have top quality materials to insure the best system possible. We use traffic rated domes in basic systems, and schedule 40 pipe for durability!

  • Industrial Work

    CC Construction Specializes in Commercial / Industrial work. Storm Drains, Cement Prep, Underground Utilities, Asphalt Prep., Gravel/Material Delivery, Site Prep., and More!

  • Demolition

    Contact us for your demolition needs. We do everything from removing a concrete pad to an entire building!

Laser Grade that insures the best job is achieved!

Using industry leading technology we can insure the project is done right! Having cement prepped for some of the biggest cement companies in our area, we can save you money in extra concrete, and insure the best possible result from us, and the company pouring your concrete.

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Why Trust Us?

CC Construction is a family owned company that works until the job is done, and more importantly our customers are happy! We stand behind our work, and do our very best to provide you with the best experience as possible. CC Construction is licensed, insured, bonded, and is safty consciouse. Let us go to work for you, and we will show you what makes us the correct choice!

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